Yamaha R1-Z

Stock #R1Z

This one has now arrived and is ready and waiting for you!

1991 Yamaha R1-Z 250 with just over 20,000 km on the clock.

Motorcycle collectors and enthusiasts across the globe are snatching up 2-stroke 250cc pocket rockets from the 80’s and 90’s at a rate never seen before. Stocks of these bikes are plummeting and prices are soaring. The US market is buying up as many as they can find in Japan making it even harder to source these bikes.

The RZ-1 is perfectly suited to those of us who can no longer fold themselves up enough to fit onto a NSR or RGV250 but still want the excitement that only a 2-stroke 250 can provide. Wide bars and a comfy seat make for a more relaxed riding position, while the 45 horsepower engine as used on the TZR250 and TDR250, provides the thrills.

This is a great looking bike. Starts first kick, sounds crisp, and pulls hard! Nothing like a two stroke powerband to put a grin on your face!

The R1-Z does not appear on the LAMS prohibited list, so although we would not recommend it, you can legally ride this machine on a learners licence.

As you can see in the pics, this is a nice example that will come to you ready to enjoy with six months registration and WOF.

All of our bikes come with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. If you purchase one of our bikes and are not completely happy with it when you receive it, you can return it for a full refund.

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